Thursday, 26 January 2017

COOL FM's Joyce Onyemuwa writes for 'Bank & Entrepreneur Africa'

Joyce Onyemuwa - On-Air Personality, COOL FM Nigeria
Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine is pleased to welcome Joyce Onyemuwa on board as a columnist! Her column, titled "Joyce's Top 4 Entrepreneurs" features he. Joyce is a presenter with radio station, Cool FM, with over 13 years' experience in Media. She currently hosts SME Africa on Monday nights 9pm on Cool FM. She also anchors Night CafĂ© (which airs Mondays–Thursdays), and the Request Show on Sunday nights. After the cut, read her unusual, but excellent one-on-one prose about her reasons for taking on the task of columnist...

My Friend in economic dissent and despair,

I write you, as I have always wanted to do. Many times I feel you can already read my heart, so what would words do in changing what we now believe to be hardship for most, retrenchment for a lot, purchasing powerlessness for the greater number, and change for all. A change that we are all still trying to adjust to in understanding before we adapt to it, every man within his standing.

I see people like you pushing this resistant wall of retarded progressiveness in the country, as political characters speak words with a ray of hope that casts the shadow of this wall against the minds of those already in doubt. And so, this shadow of doubt has put both companies and individuals to flight, to relocate overseas. Those who remain are riled, some cry and everyone you ask is in despair and displeased by the depreciating variance in economic stability.

So, I start the new story, a personal interpretation of what those who remain to fight everyday have to say about their business chances, given the economic odds. Hence, SME Africa (my radio show) – entrepreneurs sharing the possibilities in entrepreneurship, dreamers writing visions on the tablets of their minds. They are redeeming hope, even though they grope sround on this slippery slope.

Yet it’s all hope when I start my interviews in Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine, showcasing four SME leaders: JP Attueyi (FuelPadi); Keturah Ovio-Onoweya (Usanii ); Oluwafunmilola Olurinola (Abeke Makeovers); and Colif Isabor (Energy Pellets & Biomass Industry FZE).

It’s in their eyes I have seen a dream – brighter than the one I saw when I first hoped to write you. Now, I write, shaded beneath a brighter light.

I hope to spark something inside you, if there be a fallow laying belief, to spark a desire that maybe like the Phoenix, we can rise again, rise from the pits of uncertainty to a certain plain, one entrepreneur at a time, one moonlit night to the next starry night – like tonight, the time is 2am. So, I go lay me down to sleep, to dream this dream of what is possible and share it with you when I write again.

Yours in the entrepreneurial dream,

Joyce Onyemuwa.


Joyce is an avid reader and traveler, who is also passionate about improving Children education. She is founder of Seedlings Education, an educational program that teaches alternative education in avocations such as History, Science, Biology, Geometry, Art, life skills and technology. With help from the National Geographic, this project aims to improve creativity and imagination in children.

Instragram - @ijoyceonyemuwa
Twitter - @joyceonyemuwa

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