Monday, 6 March 2017

Joyce's Top 4 Entrepreneur (1): Jean-Paul Attueyi (FuelPadi)

John-Paul Attueyi - Founder, FuelPadi
Every Quarter, the fabulous Joyce Onyemuwa (anchor of SME Africa on Cool FM 96.9) selects four entrepreneurs that have impressed her the most. First on the list is John-Paul Attueyi. John-Paul  is the Founder of FuelPadi - a unique mobile app that tracks down the fuel stations nearest to a user’s location – and compares prices at each of the shortlisted stations! The app lets users add new fuel stations and the prices offered, if not listed on the map. As a value-add, FuelPadi is able to help users navigate to a select fuel station, using Google Navigation.

Says John-Paul: “I believe that when Nigerians begin to patronise those petrol stations that sell their products at a cheaper rate, we will force competition amongst the stations, which in turn would crash the cost of fuel in Nigeria. The app also helps support our campaign against fuel pump manipulation”.

Fuel Padi is available as a free download on both the Android Playstore and the Apple Store.

How it Works 

Fuel Padi is extremely easy to use. The moment you fire up the app, it displays a splash screen, followed by a Map screen, which shows the user’s current location and all the fuel stations in the surrounding area. With a quick tap on their mobile device or PC, users are able to check fuel prices at any of the displayed stations within their vicinity.

The Price Updating screen has three options – Update Prices, Reviews and Navigation – which allow users of the app update fuel prices, as well as review the quality of service provided by a particular fuel station.

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