Wednesday, 8 March 2017

[video] Nigeria SME Women 100: celebrating women locally and the world over

Nigeria: SME Women 100 by Slidely Slideshow

Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine salutes all the awesome ladies globally who continuously hold their own, in their homes and at work. In honour of International Women's Day, Bank & Entrepreneur Africa will, in its March 2017 issue, release a profile of 100 female-owned MSMEs across Nigeria who are doing great things in their corner of the country, but are being brought to the spotlight, many of them, for the first time. This video clip features 61 of these women as a prelude to the full magazine spread.


  1. We are shocked and elated as went to this link to Congratulate Daba Ibiama. Only to find that Trisha Maja was also included in the list. Thank you so much

  2. We're proud to celebrate hardworking ladies. Well done!