Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Languages: an entrepreneurship opportunity!

Chinenye Mugnier - French Language Expert, Jura Consult
"Claudette Aribisala brushed the rain from her red blouse as she headed to work, just two streets away from home. As she walked, she muttered to herself: “The economy is not going well, but I’m so lucky to own a business that weathers the storm”. A Nigerian, Claudette is one of the few French -speaking graduates who have delved into the field of entrepreneurship. Claudette is a self-employed
translator – in high demand for the many conferences that take place in Abuja and Lagos. On the side, she doubles as a private interpreter and tour-guide for newly-arrived francophone expatriates working for French companies. There’s also a winning deal. Most of Ms. Aribisala’s earned income is in foreign currency...." Read the rest of ChiChi's story on language opportunities here...

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